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An entrance canopy can accentuate any doorway or main entrance while giving it a stylish and modern look. Our entrance canopies are made from mild steel and, like all our other products, can be coated in a wide range of finishes and colours.

Entrance canopies can be fitted with either transparent or opaque coloured cladding, and can also be fitted with sheet metal if vandalism and damage are a risk in your area. We can design an entrance canopy to meet your exact requirements at no extra charge.

We are confident you will be spoilt for options when you browse our wide array of door shelters in the UK, and you are sure to discover the perfect design to suit your budget due to our competitive prices. We have over 15 years’ experience in providing high quality door shelters, cycle shelters and more, and all our shelters and canopies are designed to adhere to the latest engineering guidelines.

So, if you are in the market for the finest bicycle shelters or door canopies in the UK, Call us any time for a no obligation quotation. We look forward to your call.

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Key Features

  • These entrance canopy can be installed anywhere and can be modified to suit your needs
  • The modular design of the entrance canopy means that any shape and size can be designed and constructed
  • The door canopy is made from high quality mild steel and conforms to all UK building regulations
  • Full in house service - We will manage everything from design conception through to installation
  • Bespoke comes as standard - the porch canopy can be altered in any way you like
  • Colours of the claddings and paint finishes come in a huge palette and colours can be colour matched. Just ask for a full range.

Detailed Information

Features: This entrance canopy conforms to BS 5950. The cladding is made from fire resistant material and the door canopy frames are manufactured from 114mm Diameter CHS Uprights and 100mm x 60mm cross beams and purlins. This gives the entrance canopy an added layer of safety. Please call for a free on-site consultation where we will provide expert advice and a no obligation quotation.

Construction: The door canopies and entrance canopies are designed in accordance with BS5950-1990 (structural use of steel work in buildings). A full computer CAD wire frame stress/strain analysis is performed on all our entrance canopies to ensure the highest standards of safety and durability.

Cladding: 5mm Thick Transparent PET - this material is completely clear so security lights and cameras can be seen through it. Covering the entrance canopy in this material will also give the canopy an added level of safety as the material is fire a shatter resistant. For more technical safety information please visit the technical information page.

Finish: Hot dipped galvanised or polyester powder coated. These finishes can also be colour matched so there is an almost unlimited range of colours for the buggy storage shelter.

Dimensions: As with all our shelters, the entrance canopy can be sized to fit any door no matter how big or small. The canopy section can be curved or flat, tilted or straight, there is no limit to the extent of customisations available.

Picture Gallery (Click images to zoom)

Some examples of doorway canopies and entrance canopies that have been designed to the customers specifications. Each one of these entrance canopies are unique in that they have been tailored to suit the clients exact needs - including completely original one off designs. If you have any special requirements then please contact us and request a free no obligation quotation on your entrance canopy.

Barrel Style Entrance Canopy Barrel Style Entrance Canopy Barrel Style Entrance Canopy Barrel Style Entrance Canopy Pitched Entrance Canopy Pitched Entrance Canopy Entrance Canopy Entrance Canopy Entrance Canopy Entrance Canopy Entrance Canopy Lattice Style Entrance Canopy Entrance Canopy Entrance Canopy Entrance Canopy Barrel Style Waiting Shelter Barrel Style Waiting Shelter Barrel Style Play Area Canopy Barrel Style Entrance Canopy Apex Style Entrance Canopy Apex Style Entrance Canopy waiting canopy door shelter entrance canopies waiting shelter Barrel Style Entrance Canopy door canopies entrance canopy Entrance Canopy with Side Panels entrance canopy doorway canopy door waiting shelter door canopy waiting shelter


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