Ashleigh Wall Mounted Bike Storage

Bike Storage RackOur wall mounted bike storage rack and shelter has been simply designed to ensure it is very effective in limited spaces, shopping areas or small businesses. Our bike wall storage can also be scaled to any size required and any specified colour. Our wall bike storage option is a cost-effective solution and can be sold with or without a transparent roof, as per your requirements.

Compact Bike Racks

As well as a bike wall storage racks, you also have the option of a ground-fixed scooter or bike rack. The small bike storage rack is made from the same mild steel, is just as durable and is available in a range of finishes. Our compact bike storage can also be installed onto a concrete base in a matter of hours, making this rack an incredibly popular choice in areas where space might be a concern. Due to the small amount of materials used, the small bike storage is a more cost-effective solution in comparison to larger cycle shelters.

For more information on our wall bike storage or compact racks, don’t hesitate to contact us today at CAD Shelters.

Ashleigh Bike ShelterKey Features

  • The compact outdoor cycle shelter is easily fitted to any solid brick or dry stone wall
  • Made from mild steel for added durability and safety
  • Our engineers will typically fit the shelter in just a few hours meaning lower installation costs than a large bike shelter
  • The compact cycle shelter can be made to suit your requirements at no extra cost
  • The compact cycle shelter complies with industry standards in the structural use of steel
  • Colours of the claddings or paint come in a huge palette allowing you to chose the right colour for your surroundings

Detailed Information

Construction: Just because this bike rack is small it doesnt mean you dont get the same quality of service. This compact bike storage solution has been designed according to the BS5950-1990 industry safety specification

5mm Thick Transparent PET. There are other options available for our bike shelters in terms of size and colour. Simply contact us and our sales team will advise you on the best option

Hot dipped galvanised or polyester powder coated. Need a specific colour? The finishes on our cycle shelter range can be altered any way you like in order to suit your requirements. This service is no extra charge – all our products are bespoke and made to spec

For this particular model wall mounts are used to secure the bike rack and the cycle shelter to the wall. Most brick walls will be suitable for mounting such a bike rack but if you are unsure then please contact us and we will advise on the appropriate fittings

The compact cycle shelter can be resized as required at no extra charge. As with all our bike sheds, bespoke comes as standard.

Bike Storage Rack Bike Storage Rack

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