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CAD Shelters on Facebook

You can now follow us on Facebook. Updated regularly with new installation photos. Click here for CAD Shelters on Facebook

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5 tonne tree meets a Cycle Shelter

Maybe our point here is cheapest is not always best. The strength of a CAD Cycle Shelter was tested recently when a 5 tonne tree fell directly onto the shelter. We hope the pictures demonstrate the strength of our shelters. No bicycles or people were damaged.

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Supporting Employees Who Cycle To Work

Cycling to work has several benefits for employees; it’s good for their health, it can be faster during busy morning and evening rush hours, and parking a bicycle can be substantially easier than parking a car in the packed streets of a city centre. For businesses, providing adequate bicycle shelters with good security can make [...]

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The Importance Of Encouraging Pupils To Cycle To School

Cycling to school is one of those rare activities that ‘ticks all the boxes’ i.e. it is beneficial in practically every single way. The health benefits of cycling to school, for example, are indisputable. Research carried out by YouGov for Cycling England found that children who are ferried to school by car spend an average [...]

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Transform Your Outside Spaces With The Right Equipment

Any business premises needs to be arranged in just the right way to be organised, functional and productive, and it’s important to please visitors as much as employees. Once you’ve got your internal areas sorted it’s time to take a closer look at your outside space, because this can make all the difference to the [...]

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Encouraging Employees To Cycle To Work

Cycling has become an increasingly popular way of getting to and from work in recent years. Indeed, many employers now go out of their way to encourage their employees to embrace cycling as this form of transport is able to provide individuals and business organisations with a wide array of benefits. Of course, the physical [...]

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Do Your Employees Cycle To Work?

Cycling has enjoyed a surge of popularity over the last few years, with people in all walks of life shunning the car and hopping on their bikes instead. It could be for the health benefits, for the cost savings or even for the environmental boost, and as an employer you need to cater to those [...]

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Places For Bike Shelters

As petrol prices seem to be forever on the increase, it stands to reason that more people are ditching their four wheels for two on their commute to work. Cycling is currently going through an unprecedented boom in the UK, which is due to a combination of factors. However, as more people get on their [...]

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Four Great Reasons To Install An Entrance Canopy On Your Company Or Organisation

Whether for a main entrance, side exit or back door; there are a number of great reasons to install entrance canopies outside your company or organisation’s building. Below are four which we here at CAD Shelters believe to be the most compelling: They Help To Keep Your Premises Clean It is of course vitally important [...]

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Sir Chris Hoy Retires From Professional Cyclling But Not From Oxycodone

Sir Chris Hoy has been hailed this week as he announced his retirement from professional cycling. The incredible six-time Olympic gold medallist told a packed press conference that he had used “every last ounce of energy and effort” at the London 2012 Olympics, and was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to medal at the [...]

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