Chelsea Cycle Shelters


Introducing what is probably our most popular product, the Chelsea Cycle Shelter.

This steel framed cycleCheslsea Cycle Shelter shelter is manufactured to the individual client’s requirements, and can be adapted to the most difficult of situations. Using our 6m modular design we can create any size bicycle shelters, from a single unit right up to a large cycle compound and at a considerably lower cost than a typical cycle compound.

Gated Cycle Shelters

In addition to the open bike storage shelters, these versatile shelters can be modified to include either a swing or sliding gate, making them perfect for secure outdoor bike storage. The construction of both the bike shelter and the gate component is made from thick carbon steel, is very durable and is fitted with a hasp to take a padlock. In the swing gate design, the gates are hinged at either end and lock in the middle. In the slide gate design, the gates are mounted on runners and are ideal for areas where there is not enough room to swing a large gate (see gallery images below for an example). This setup provides maximum security, ideal for outside bike storage, while maintaining available space for cycle storage in your grounds. If you are unsure about the suitability of your grounds for installing this type of bike shelter, or would like more information about any of our bike storage ideas, please get in touch and let one of our engineers talk you through the options.

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Key Features

  • 6 Metre or 4 metre module span to allow maximum bike storage space
  • Can be fitted with either an open front or a locking gate
  • The gate can either be a swing gate or roller gate
  • Every cycle storage shelter is specifically designed to meet your requirements at no extra charge
  • Complies with industry standards in construction design
  • Full 3D artist’s impression service prior to ordering on bespoke projects
  • Colours of the claddings or paint can be colour matched to suit your surroundings

Detailed Information

Construction: The bike storage shed has fully welded end frames, and the storage shelters are designed in accordance with BS5950-1990 (structural use of steel work in buildings). A full computer CAD wire frame stress/strain analysis is performed on all bike storage shed designs to ensure safety and durability.

5mm Thick Transparent PET – this material is completely clear so security lights and cameras can be seen through it. Covering the cycle storage shed in this material will also give the shelter appeal to the cyclist as it ensures better protection from the rain and wind, which can cause rust to bike parts. As well as the completely transparent cladding, the bike shelter can also be tinted to match surrounding colours whilst remaining transparent.

Hot dipped galvanised or polyester powder coated. These finishes can also be colour matched so there is an almost unlimited range of colours for the bike storage sheds.

Base plates or extended legs for submerged fixing

2100mm – Width: 2200mm – Length: 4000mm (each module)

The Chelsea cycle shelter is a modular design and can be built up in linear sections of 4m. Each 4m module can house 10 bicycles.

Chelsea Cycle Shelter Chelsea Cycle Shelter Chelsea Cycle Shelter Chelsea Cycle Shelter Chelsea Cycle Shelter Chelsea Cycle Shelter

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Specific brochures available to download in pdf format.