Secure Compounds

Lockable Bike Storage Sheds and Secure Cycle Shelters

Secure Cycle CompoundThe lockable bike storage shelters illustrated below are based on our new Chelsea bike storage shelters. All the bike sheds are supplied with hinged gates and fitted with a hasp and staple so you can apply your own padlock. The addition of gates to the secure bike storage sheds will make them much more appealing to the cyclist, and the sheds will therefore be valued and used frequently.

Our cycle compounds are available in a range of colours and claddings. For example, the compound above has a powder coated blue colour matched finish and a transparent cladding. Also, if your secure cycle storage compound needs to be fitted onto uneven or loose soil, we can provide a full ground levelling service and concrete base. If you’re unsure about finishes, claddings or a concrete base, please contact one of our experts who will assist in deciding the best options for you. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, we are in an excellent position to advise you on the most suitable choices for you.

Chelsea Secure Cycle CompoundWe can supply cycle compounds to schools and public areas and will work professionally with your organisation to meet your high standards and expectations. All our bespoke secure cycle storage sheds comply with the full TUV UK QA standards. If you need bike secure bike storagefitted during summer holidays or half term then please order now and book your installation time in advance to avoid disappointment.

Key Features

  • 6 Meter or 4 meter module span to allow maximum bike storage space
  • The gate can be made to any width to allow access with tricycles and mobility scooters as well as bikes
  • Every bike storage shelter is specifically made to suit your requirements: bespoke comes as standard
  • Satisfies all UK legislation on structural design and construction
  • 3D artists impression available on larger projects – delivery of interactive 3D model also available
  • Colours can be colour matched to suit any environment


Product Reference Overall Dimensions Capacity
Bike Storage for 10 4m x 2m 10 Cycles
Bike Storage for 20 6m x 4m 20 Cycles
Bike Storage for 30 6m x 6m 30 Cycles
Bike Storage for 40 8m x 6m 40 Cycles
Bike Storage for 60 12m x 6m 60 Cycles
Bike Storage for 80 16m x 6m 80 Cycles
Bike Storage for 100 20m x 6m 100 Cycles

For more information on our secure cycle shelters and sheds, don’t hesitate to contact us today at CAD Shelters.

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Buggy Shelters from CAD Shelters

Buggy Compound ShelterAt CAD Shelters, we are committed to manufacturing and supplying the highest quality canopies, shelters and walkways in the industry. So, if you are in the market for buggy shelters then you should make us your number one choice.

Our pram shelters are based on our successful Chelsea bike shelters and the modular design can be used for storing parents’ prams or buggies during school hours. The shelter can operate as a buggy storage unit as well as a secure scooter storage or motor cycle storage unit for offices and colleges.

We have over 15 years’ experience in the industry so you can trust we have an extensive history in providing the finest canopies and buggy storage compounds. Our pram shelters are available for a very competitive price, enabling us to supply a buggy shelter that suits your requirements and budget.

Key Features

  • Multi purpose: This secure compound can be used for any item, not just buggies – e.g. motor bikes, bikes, large toys, sports equipment
  • This secure buggy compound can be installed anywhere and can be modified to suit the needs of the client
  • Modular design of the buggy compound means that the product can be altered later on in its lifecycle and is easier to service
  • Made from the highest quality mild steel (carbon steel)
  • Full in house service – no need to organise an installation service. We take care of everything
  • Bespoke comes as standard – the secure buggy compound can be altered in any way you like
  • The buggy compound complies with all structural standards (BS5950-1990)
  • Colours of the claddings and paint finishes come in a huge palette and colours can be colour matched too.

For more information on our multi-purpose buggy shelters, don’t hesitate to contact us today at CAD Shelters.

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Construction: The secure compounds are built from strong mild steel and comply with all UK building regulations. Cycle shelters can be built into compounds to almost any size and constructed on any ground. We take care of all the ground work and can even lay a concrete base on lose soil to make your compound shelter as sturdy as possible.

TAVQCladding: 5mm Thick Transparent PET – the cladding is completely clear to give an unobstructed view of the contents. Other widths and finishes are available. Covering the cycle storage shelter in this material is a good option because it means that the cycles are protected from rain and helps prevent rust. This means that the cyclist is more likely to use this compound with it being both more secure and offering better protection. As well as the completely transparent cladding, the bike shelter can also be tinted to match surrounding colours whilst remaining transparent.

Hot dipped galvanised or polyester powder coated. All the finishes on this bike rack and cycle shelter can be colour matched to suit your needs.

Base plates or extended legs for submerged fixing. As we provide a full in house service we take care of all the installation and surveying and will advise you on the best solution for your compound.