Diane Cycle Shelter: Outdoor Bike Storage Shed

Diane Cycle ShelterThe stylish Diana cycle shelter is one of our latest metal bike storage sheds, and is a true testament to our many years’ experience of designing high-quality cycle shelters and bike racks for both schools and businesses alike.

This covered outdoor bike storage shed is perfect for maintaining the stylish and professional appearance of a school or office, whilst also offering a good level of shelter from rain. The roof is suitable for supporting light fittings, which is ideal for the darker winter months, and can also be fitted with a choice of either transparent or opaque cladding according to your requirements.

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Key Features

  • The cycle shelter is a modular design that can be resized to suit any space you have available
  • Every cycle storage shelter is specifically designed to meet your requirements at no extra charge
  • The Diane cycle shelter complies with industry standards in structural use of steel work
  • You will be provided with a full 3D artists impression prior to installation
  • Colours of the claddings or paint come in a huge palette allowing you to chose the right colour for your surroundings

Detailed Information

Construction: All our bike shelters are designed in accordance with BS5950-1990 safety specification for structural use of steel in buildings. Each bike shelter we design has been drafted using cutting edge software that carries out a full wire frame stress strain analysis allowing us to pinpoint weak spots and improve the strength of the structures.

5mm Thick Transparent PET – more cladding options are available for our cycle shelters. Simply contact us and ask a member of our team for more information

Hot dipped galvanised or polyester powder coated. These finishes can also be colour matched so there is an almost unlimited range of colours for the bike storage sheds

All our free standing structures can be either fitted with base plates or submerged, depending on the ground. Our team will advise on this issue

The Diane shelter usually comes in modules of 4 metres. However, if you require a different size then we can redesign the cycle shelter modules to suit your requirements.

Diane Cycle Shelter Diane Cycle Shelter

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Specific brochures available to download in pdf format.