Cycling has enjoyed a surge of popularity over the last few years, with people in all walks of life shunning the car and hopping on their bikes instead. It could be for the health benefits, for the cost savings or even for the environmental boost, and as an employer you need to cater to those employees that choose to travel to work by bike. That’s where cycle shelters come in.

The rise of cycling

A recent report by Halfords, using detailed Census analysis, indicates that cycling to work is up by an average of 17%. There are some 760,000 more bikes on the road than a decade ago and if current trends are to continue then this form of commuting is only set to rise, particularly if plans to invest in cycling are to go ahead. A cross-party report has urged the government to invest £1bn+ per year to make roads more cyclist-friendly in order to reach their aim of increasing cycling use by more than tenfold in the next few decades, something that could improve the health of the nation whilst reducing pollution, minimising congestion and giving a valuable economic boost too.

Why cycle?

Of course, people need more reason to cycle than because they’re told to, and here are just a few of them to help you understand your employees’ mind set:

•    Cost. With the cost of petrol only ever on the rise a lot of people are looking for ways to keep their budget in check, and cycling could be a great way to achieve that. The addition of the government’s Cycle to Work scheme, which offers a 42% discount on a new bike with tax savings, only adds to the cost benefits.
•    Time saving. It may not seem like it, but getting on your bike could actually be a far quicker way of getting to work—getting stuck in traffic could be a thing of the past, and it’ll be quicker than walking and using public transport too.
•    Health benefits. Of course, there are plenty of notable health benefits associated with cycling, and simply being active can be a great way to stay in shape. Then there’s the impact of adrenalin and endorphins which will get released during every cycle ride, setting you up in a good mood for the day ahead.
•    Legacy of sport. Last year saw Team GB take the world by storm,  particularly in the cycling arena, with the success of Bradley Wiggins, Laura Trott and Victoria Pendleton (and their fellow cycling heroes) encouraging everyone to get on their bikes.
•    Environmental benefit. Cycling is a much greener method of transport and is therefore ideal for anyone that wants to boost their green credentials.

Cater to your employees with the bike storage shelters

Given that so many of your employees could be pedalling their way to the office, it’s vital you give them the right kind of storage to suit. Luckily, with our great range of outdoor bike storage solutions you’ll easily find the options to fit the bill, so take a look around and you’ll soon be giving your employees what they’re after.