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Steel Work Finishes

NUDEC Technical Manual

NUDEC Terchnical

Hot Dipped Galvanizing
– to BS EN ISO 1461:1999. This finish offers a long lasting, rust proof finish that protects your shelters from the elements. Unpainted, the finish is a dull silver. Painted, the finish is slightly matt compared to powder coating alone.

Polyester Powder Coating
Powder coating is a very popular choice as it offers a cost effective way to weather proof mild steel from rust and corrosion.

We are experts in the galvanisation and powder coating of mild steel and have well developed techniques for creating a smooth and consistent finish.
Here are the stages of powder coating:
1.    All our products are shot blast (to SA2.5) to remove grease and provide a key for the polyester coating.
2.    The steel is etch primed with Zinc Phosphate anti-corrosive Primer then the Polyester Powder is electro-statically sprayed onto the surface.
3.    The paint is then heat-cured, binding the paint to the steelwork.
Polyester Powder Coating is one of the strongest paints available today. Many large steel structures use this process to protect their steel work.

Paint Finish Colour Chart

Colour Chart

Massive Colour Choice

Unlike our competitors who typically offer a limited 8 – 12 colours, CAD Shelters supplies shelters in any RAL or BS colour and no extra costs.
If requested, goods can be polyester powder coated on top of the galvanized finish to give a more durable resistance in extreme weather conditions. This does give the products a rougher texture than the standard powder coating due to the galvanized undercoat.


Roofing Materials


Fire Data

All our covered shelters are fitted with PET cladding, either transparent, opaque or coloured. All our standard shelters come with 5mm thick clear PET (Polythene trephthalate) cladding – a thermoplastic polymer resin. PET is far superior to standard polycarbonate and does not shatter like glass or Perspex:
•    It is fracture and shatter resistant
•    Has excellent impact resistance
•    Non-combustible, fire resistant (Y1 fire rating)
•    Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
The PET cladding can be colour matched.
Clear and Opal PET are also available in 8mm thick, which is ideal for flat or shallow curved roofs and gives a higher level of protection.

TWINFIX Glazing Bars
We use Twinfix glazing bars to secure the PET to the structures. These glazing strips are specifically designed to safely secure PET cladding panels and conform to UK safety standards. The strips allows for movement during temperature changes and offer flex in windy conditions as te rubber seals protect the PET sheets during movement.

If your architect or planner requires some technical specifications then click the images above to view in full