Whether for a main entrance, side exit or back door; there are a number of great reasons to install entrance canopies outside your company or organisation’s building. Below are four which we here at CAD Shelters believe to be the most compelling:

They Help To Keep Your Premises Clean
It is of course vitally important that your company’s building looks clean and tidy at all times. Having wet, dirty floors will not only give off a negative impression to visitors, it will also increase the chances of people slipping over and hurting themselves.

The addition of a canopy above your entrance can be of great assistance in this respect as it will help to keep the floors inside your building drier and cleaner, ergo your premises will look more presentable and afford fewer slip risks during bouts of wet weather.

Having a canopy of this kind can also be very beneficial when wintry weather brings snow to your region. Indeed, the presence of a shelter above your main entrance will help to ensure the route in and out of your building is kept clear of snow (and ice); therefore you won’t have to worry about people slipping and falling at your front door whenever temperatures start to drop below zero.

They Help To Keep Visitors Dry
Canopies really are invaluable aids when the rain is screaming down and you’re expecting visitors who you want to impress. Indeed, potential clients, customers, partners or investors will garner a much better first impression of you and your company if they see that their needs are catered to before they even step through the door. And let’s face it; most meetings fair better when one of the parties attending isn’t absolutely drenched!

They Can Help To Improve Staff Morale
Studies have shown that workers who spend time outside during the day are more productive than those who don’t take any breaks from their working environment. Having a covered area will encourage your staff to go outside and enjoy s little bit of fresh air, even if it is only for a short while. If your workers get into the habit of doing this then you can look forward to them being more productive in the long-term.

They Show Your Employees How Much You Appreciate Them
Having an entrance canopy which will keep your staff dry and provide them with a place to relax will show your employees that their hard work is valued and appreciated. When people feel appreciated by those who manage them they’re much more likely to go the extra mile for the company when need be. This can also help to engender a higher degree of workplace morale and lead to the company being more productive as a whole.

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