Outdoor Classroom

Trinity Style Classrooms

Trinity ClassroomThe Trinity style outdoor classroom design is a multi-functional fully customisable outdoor school shelter. It can be used as play area, outdoor classroom or parent waiting area.

The outdoor classroom can also double as a picnic area, waiting area for parents or as a shelter for school equipment during rainy periods.

Of course, as with all our outdoor classrooms for schools, you can rest assured that this shelter is made to the highest standards in structural safety, and manufactured from only the highest quality materials.



The Poppy Shelter

Poppy ShelterThe popular Poppy shelter can also be used as an outside classroom, with a typical capacity of around 30 students (based on 5 per bench).

The circular design of the shelter serves well as a teaching area and helps to maintain children’s attention for longer.

Teachers constantly provide us with positive feedback about this particular outdoor classroom design, and we have used this feedback to improve the design further. For subjects related to Science, Nature and the Environment, this is the ideal shelter.

Key Features

  • Multi-Purpose: The poppy youth shelter can be used as either a parent waiting shelter, teen waiting shelter or an outdoor classroom with many more possibilties
  • These teen shelters can be modified in any way, the roof can be fitted either with an opaque steel painted sheeting, transparent or semi transparent covering depending on your needs
  • Modular design of the playground canopies means that the shelters are easier to modify during the design process, making highly specialised bespoke options more affordable
  • The youth shelters are made from high quality mild steel (carbon steel) resistant to stress damage and rust
  • Full in-house service – we run a design office, a metal fabrication factory and a nationwide delivery service. Rest assured that you will only have to deal with one company for all your needs (please note that supply only option is also available)
  • The school youth shelter complies with all UK standards in the structural use of steel (BS5950-1990)
  • The poppy youth shelter comes in a huge range of colours, see our colour charts for more information

Detailed Information

Construction: These school shelters are fully tested with a computerised wire frame stress strain analysis and the contruction designs comply with British regulations BS5950-1990 (structural use of steel work in buildings).This ensures maximum safety and durability over time

 Cladding: The poppy shelter is usually covered in a 3mm steel sheeting for maximum strength. However, if required the seating area can be supplied with 5mm Thick Transparent PET and can be transparent, coloured or opaque

Finish: Thousands of fun colours for your school available. The steel finish of the youth shelter can be hot dipped galvanised or polyester powder coated or for ultimate safety a mixture of the two. These finishes provide a high level of protection from corrosion and general wear, especially in areas with high pollution or salt content in the air

Fixing: Base plates or extended legs for submerged fixing.If you are unsure about the fixing of your school teen shelter then please contact us for more information. A member of our design team will be happy to help

Dimensions: The diameter of the poppy shelter with a full set of modules is 6m.

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Specific brochures available to download in pdf format.