As petrol prices seem to be forever on the increase, it stands to reason that more people are ditching their four wheels for two on their commute to work. Cycling is currently going through an unprecedented boom in the UK, which is due to a combination of factors. However, as more people get on their bikes, the demand for quality bicycle shelters increases. Bike theft remains a problem throughout the UK so it is important that there are sufficient facilities available for people to lock up and leave their bikes. Locksmith Roseville CA is a perfect solution to this problem. Bike storage sheds are suitable for a range of different locations. Here are a few ideas on the types of places that could really benefit from having a bike storage rack.

1. Schools
It makes sense to encourage kids to stay fit and healthy, and riding their bikes to school every day is a great way of ensuring that is what happens. However, parents are unlikely to allow their children to ride to school if the school doesn’t have anywhere for the kids to secure their bicycles. Bikes can be an expensive purchase for parents, and many people would find it difficult to replace any that get stolen. Schools can encourage a healthy lifestyle and put parents’ fears at rest by installing a high quality bike shed for pupils to park their bikes in.

2. Offices
Cycling is a great way of keeping fit and can really give you a boost in the morning. Avoid getting stuck in the car during rush hour traffic and cycle by all the standstill vehicles instead. Offices can encourage their workers to commute on their bikes. It also means that people are less likely to be able to claim that they are late to work because of traffic! Bike racks show that a company takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and will boost the morale and security concerns of staff.

3. Public Parks
Every public park should have a secure bike storage area. Families should be encouraged to go on bike rides as much as possible. It is often too dangerous for parents to consider letting their young children ride along busy roads, but a public park is a great place for a family day out and picnic together. Councils should encourage the public to get on their bikes by providing as many safe bike storage areas as possible. Lock up the bikes and enjoy a lazy picnic in the sunshine before riding home again.

4. Sports Centres
A sport centre should be an obvious place to install bike racks. If you are the type of person who enjoys sports and fitness, the chances are that you would consider cycling to your local sports centre. However, you don’t want to worry about the safety of your bike whilst you are in the middle of a big game, so if your sports centre doesn’t have anywhere to lock up your bike, get in touch with them and let them know about the problem that they have.