Smoking ShelterSmoking Shelters

Many of our shelters comply with all legislation to act as a smoking shelter as well a making an ideal parent waiting shelter for schools and public areas. Since the smoking ban took place in 2007 in mainland UK smoking shelters such as these have become common place in many public areas, pubs, bars and restaurants.

The Chelsea Shelter is often used for the purpose of a smoking shelter and is available in array of colours to match your needs.

Key Features

  • Provides a covered seating area for parents waiting for children
  • Acts as a pickup point for offices, goverenment buildings, and hospitals
  • These shelters are highly customisable and can be combined with seating areas, cycle racks and helmet lockers
  • Free consultations on all of our school shelters, parent waiting shelters and outdoor canopies
  • Make the most of exposed areas by providing wind breakers and overhead weather shelters
  • These shelters are built to last – made from mild steel and can be galvanised for added durability
  • Full in house service – no need to arrange seperate design and installation services, we take care of everything and your quote will be fully comprehensive
  • Our waiting shelters, covered pickup points and covered seating area conform to the UK standard in the structural use of steel
  • For a rough guide to our colours and finishes please refer to our guides.

Detailed Information

Construction: Included in our installation service is a ground leveling service, sinking the feet in concrete is the safest and strongest option available and this is our standard method of installation for your waiting shelter or covered seating area. However, if you are on rented property or cannot get planning permission to use concete fixtures then the covered seating area can also be bolted to concrete. This will be included in the comprehensive quotation. If you are unsure about the installation of the waiting shelter then please contact us and we can discuss your options. If you are interested in our range of parent waiting canopies then on most orders we can send a team of engineers out to survey the area. If your architects or planners require a 3D model or drawing of the structure then this is available on request.

Cladding: The covered waiting shelters are most commonly covered in PET, which is a strong cladding resistant to fire and impact damage and is even UVA protective. It is usually supplied in transparent finish but can also be coloured to give a fun appearance that matches it’s surroundings.

Finish: The smoking shelters are available in a huge variety of colours and finishes. Our most popular finish is a powder coated paint finish. This finish is available in a variety of colours.

Fixing: The smoking shelters can be installed on any ground, even loose top soil. If necessary the covered seating area or waiting shelter can also be bolted to an existing concrete base. Smoking Shelter Smoking Shelter Smoking Shelters

Click here or on any of the pictures to view our gallery of all smoking shelters.