Steel Construction Company: Shelters and Canopies

As a steel construction company, CAD Shelters offer a huge array of shelters and canopies made from mild steel to suit many areas of steel construction. As a retailer, designer and supplier we mainly deal with schools, hospitals and government organisations. We have a vast amound of experience in this area, and our installation engineers are fully CRB checked and capable of working in environments where they may come into contact with vulnerable adults or children. However, we also supply larger structures to building contractors and architects in order to fullfill their requirements. By having a huge 3000 sq/ft factory and building our stuctures in modular sections our engineers can design, test and construct steel structures to unlimited size in a wide variety of designs.

If you are an architect and looking for a steel construction company to build a steel structure to your design and specification then please contact us. We have years of experience working with architects and can assist in the design process as we have a fully qualified Computer Aided Design team using autoCAD to build and test all our structures.

After the initial design and fabrication process, all our structures are built in a real world test environment within our factory. After ensuring that the steel construction conforms to our high standards then the structure is transported by us to location and constructed by our in house construction team. This process helps us eliminate errors build steel structures with a high level of accuracy.

If you have any special requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us. As most of the work we carry out is specialised and bespoke we are confident that we can deal with almost any request.

Supply Only

As well as our full in house service we also supply for sub contractors so feel free to contact us and ask for a quote. Please note that this service is only available to construction companies with a suitable means of installation on a business to business basis.