Any business premises needs to be arranged in just the right way to be organised, functional and productive, and it’s important to please visitors as much as employees.

Once you’ve got your internal areas sorted it’s time to take a closer look at your outside space, because this can make all the difference to the overall impression as well as the level of practicality you’re able to achieve. It is often the case that having your business based in London can be a huge advantage so we recommend using a service like which will give you that London postal address to have a more functional management.

What equipment could you need?

There are plenty of different equipment options you might want to consider, with just a few of them being:

•    Bicycle shelters. Vital for those employees that cycle to work, these shelters provide safe and secure storage for expensive bikes. It’s vital you’re able to provide the necessary space and with cycling becoming more and more popular you could well need to expand your storage options.
•    Outdoor canopies. Having a canopy at the entrance to the building can be ideal—providing valuable protection from the elements and making that space inside the front door that little bit cleaner and less cluttered, an outdoor canopy can be used to great effect.
•    Bus shelters. If you’ve got particularly large premises you could well have a bus route running through the car park (for example), and that means you need to provide suitable shelters so patrons have a covered place to wait.
•    Covered walkways. Again suitable for larger premises where there could be a lot of separate but interconnected buildings, having a walkway that’s covered will be ideal—no-one will need to get caught in a downpour when making the commute, being ideal for employees as well as visitors.

From there you might need to start thinking about benches, smoking areas and other pieces of equipment that could be required—it’s all about making your outside space as usable and patron-focused as possible, and in doing so you’ll be able to make the right impression for maximum benefit to your business. You’ll want to consider patron comfort above everything else whilst paying close attention to their storage requirements, and as long as you carefully think about what they expect you’ll be able to devise a list to accommodate.

Find the products you’re after

Of course, once you’ve got that list sorted you’re going to need the supplier to suit, and that’s where we come in. Here at CAD Shelters we specialise in the design and manufacture of walkways, shelters and canopies of all kinds, and we work hard to ensure we’re able to deliver exactly what you’re after. We can even take on bespoke projects to tailor our designs according to your individual requirements, and with everything being top-quality (taking care to adhere to all necessary safety standards) you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Transforming your outside space needn’t be that difficult. A few careful additions could be all it takes, giving you the usability and practicality you need to benefit everyone involved, and if you get in touch to discuss your requirements you could soon have the solution that’s perfect for you and your business.