Since 2003 the Government has had a capital grant system in place in an attempt to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and encourage children to cycle to school.

Every school in England is eligible for support towards the funding of Cycle Shelters, Canopies, Parent Waiting Shelters and Storage lockers. Primary schools can receive £3750 + £5 per pupil and secondary schools £5000 + £5 per pupil.

Applying for funding

In order to gain access to this funding, schools must have a travel plan in place. School travel plans (STP’s) must fulfil a number of criteria, and based on this your local authority will assess your eligibility to qualify for funding. As a rough guideline your STP should contain information on each of the following elements:

  1. 1. Introduction
  • School name, address, number of pupils
  • Type of school
  • Age range of pupils
  • Description of the schools location and local community
  • DfES number
  • No. of staff
  • School opening times

School Statement

  • Why are you setting up a travel plan?
  • Travel issues raised as a result of your surveys?
  • Travel needs of others, such as, staff, community members etc.
  • Are there any clubs/activities outside school opening hours?


  • Date of survey
  • No. of respondents
  • Survey example
  • Current methods of transport
  • Information on those using public transport/school bus etc

You must also include evidence (e.g. all correspondence) to support your application. It is important that your survey data is no older than 18 months and you will need to also provide all information from detailed questions.

  1. Action Plan

This is basically a list of objectives that you hope your travel plan will achieve, e.g. reduced congestion at peak times, and how you aim to achieve these.

  1. Monitoring

Your plan will need to include dates of when you will be reviewing and updating your STP. In order to do this you will need to carry out another student survey.

Your local council employ a number of school travel plan advisers who are there to assist you throughout the process. You can get in touch with your travel plan advisor through your local council or via Sustrans.